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Luka 120 was born Mashudu lucky Makhado in 1984 in Saulsville, Pretoria Gauteng, but most of his earliest years were spent in Madombidzha Limpopo,Louis Trichardt, where he learned to play a variety of instruments,including Tshingona,piano and Tshigombela. Eventually, his family settled in Magau, and then Madombidzha, where Luka 120 spent his formative teenage years.

Luka 120 talents in music eventually led to a friendship and mentorship with Master Lee of Lee Records .Master Lee started working with Luka 120 to his production company and arranged for him to begin recording his music, which eventually garnered the interest of Next Music and orchard Music. Additional collaborations with a variety of rappers and other artists helped to increase his exposure, and Separated, Luka 120 solo debut, Luka 120 Break up music was released in 2013 Under Brandon Records and Lee Records. Featuring the hit singles “What if ft Amplifiers, Charles and Nazareth,” “Thinking about You,I Heard,Single Vs Solo,” “Separated,” “Univen,” and ,” the album rocketed to the top of the charts on ITunes and Amazon and firmly established Luka 120 as a music powerhouse.

Lufuno and Mudzunga followed in 2013 and 2014 alongside Hip Hop artists Shony Mrepa, and Luka 120 embarked on a series of successful Live performances, including the 120 Tour in 2013 and 2014, Quickly gaining a reputation as a solid performer and outstanding musician with whom to collaborate,Luka 120 also began working with other musicians in a variety of capacities. He contributed to Gazuman album and, Rpk and Breezi album, collabore with Bizz Makhi, Breezi, Llooks, Muzi, Rpk and Jack T on Break Up Music 2,. He also contributed to Llooks album and Tsutsuma Track, and for a variety of music project, Luka 120 has also fostered up and coming artists by establishing his own record label, Brandon Records 120, signing such notable performers as Llooks.Gazuman, Ruff Dog, Mafrigado, Maben 10,Shony Mrepa.Bizz Makhi.Luka 120 also recently competed on SATMA Awards Nomation Catalog, which was unsuccessful and already launched 120 Clothing, 120 Caps, 120 Hoodies, 120 sneakers, His enormous marketing power has brought him a staggering level in the Music business and His song Lufuno and Wake up in my Bed has been played in different Radio station like Thobela Fm, Matoks Fm, Tut Fm,Tswane Fm, ranking him in the top list in the community Fm.

So far Luka 120 has released two albums Luka 120 Break up music 2 (2013) and Luka 120 Break up music 2 (2014), featuring the songs “I was a fool,”120 (alongside Kay Hype, Gazuman, Llooks), “Dreams” (alongside RPK), “True Colours” (featuring Elemtee, Breezi, Bizz Makhi, Llooks), and “Wake up in my bed” But luka 120 presence in other collaborations has created an even larger body of work. To date, Luka 120 has worked with such notable artists as Rpk on the songs called 11 official, Habashwee, Bona and 120 Track with Female Rapper Breezi.Luka 120 is the Ceo of Brandon Records and Soulbent Project, 120 Artist Management Brandon Records is the House of Llooks.Gazuman, Ruff Dog, Mafrigado, Maben 10, and Shony Mrepa.Mahlatse.

Luka 120 delivers hip hop music journey composer Mashudu Makhado (Luka) makes his debut for Music Foresight Inc with the release of his new album Tshiwela

The album is already available across digital retailers’ iTunes and Amazon will be launched soon. Luka 120 has also announced select shows around the album’s release with further tour dates to be announced shortly.

Luka 120 is an intimate; mostly love songs, multi-genre set of songs which present personal stories, tributes, a philosophy based on a lifelong love of nature and a spirit of musical adventure that just won’t let up. Luka 120 music is infused with the African idiom mostly influenced by other hip hop star and creates a whole new style that reaches audiences across the globe.

Each track on his album has a story behind it –in love with a naija girl: about a naija girl whom he fell in love with on the song,not a real story; separated- a song that tells the story of going separated with his woman as she was cheating; Go: telling the love of his life that she cant turn and go cause he still in love with her,song to express gratitude at every point in life.

The album features great musicians including Man Malaya of Ben 10,Master Lee,Muzi and Nail,Kay hype,Llooks and Thinking Boy,Ruff Dog,Xan D

Luka 120 originally from Pretoria, South africa is a singer/songwriter, actor, composer, bandleader(120 Gang) and producer with a singular artistic vision which began at a young age. 120, as he is affectionately called, would learn any instrument just by watching how it was played. As a teenager he received formal music instruction at the local community centre and later founded Brandon Records and 120 Management and in, he has performed, produced and recorded with several great musicians,in Nigeria and south africa, musicians such as Man Malaya of Ben 10,Master Lee,Muzi and Nail,Kay hype,Llooks and Thinking Boy,Ruff Dog,Xan D, amongst others.

He currently divides his time as a CEO of Brandon Records which sees him manage local artists that are under Brandon Records.

South africa Rapper Luka 120 signed to Los Angeles Record Label Worldmovement Records,the Label is under Ceo Lamont Patterson,he is thefounder of the Record Label with artists like Charlie Star,DrewRaber,randy rogon,Kanya and Comedian Dewayne Dukes,Wylde Bunch,Bekoand many others whom are signed LABEL.

The Deal between Mashudu Makhado and World movement Records startedaround November/December 2015 and the final touch of the deal was signon the 19/01/2016

Luka 120 has work with Pimpin Ken From North Carolina and many otherartits based in south africa and is now working with international DJRESOW and TURKEY Hip Hip star Soydaner

Luka 120 has been working hard with Lee Records artists from dayone,Master Lee is the Producer of his album.

Luka 120 on being signed to the Label,it feels good to be withLegendary Records like World movement Records.i am proud.

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